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A Trained designer will help you create the perfect lighting options and provide an onsite quote.

Installation is fast and easy. Lights and materials will be provided.
Rental Support

Light replacements if the bulbs stop working.

We will return after the holiday season to remove the lights for you.

Holiday Lighting Options

Option 1: Rent Our Lights (Our most popular option)  Free Quote - Click Here

This  is the most popular option. Great for those who don’t want the hassle  of storing, untangling and testing Christmas lights, or having to  purchase additional replacement lighting each year. This is also a great  option for those who wish to change their display each year without  having to purchase additional lighting. For one affordable price this  package includes the following.

  • Free design consultation
  • Professional installation
  • Complete customization of lighting
  • Maintenance throughout the season to repair or replace any damaged lighting at no additional cost
  • Removal at the end of the season
  • Individual storage of each Christmas light display
  • Off season replacement of damaged lighting, to insure a perfect display each season

Option 2: Use Your Own Lights  Free Quote - Click Here

If  you have your lights and just need a hand to put them up, we can help.  We have the tools and the skills to trim the highest peaks of your house  or to simply set up your display if you just don’t have the time. Our  Christmas Lighting Technicians will be happy to trim your trees, bushes,  shrubs, rooflines or anywhere you choose with the lights you provide.  Simply have your tested and working lights, extensions cords and timers  ready for our techs. They will unpack your lights and professionally  decorate your home as quick as possible. This option is simply and  hourly charge which includes the removal at the end of the season. We  will even provide the clips for roofline displays at no additional  charge.

Option 3: Purchase Our Lights  Free Quote - Click Here

This  is the best option for those who wish to have the same display each  year or wish to own your own lights but just don’t have the time to  fight the crowds at the busy big box stores. Let us help design your  display, recommend the types of lights you wish to use and provide you  with all the necessary items to make your display the best display on  the block. We will provide everything from high grade commercial  lighting, extension cords, timers, clips, and all other accessories  needed for the perfect display. We will install your display, provide  routine maintenance for the first season, and remove and pack your  display for next season all for one affordable price!

S&K Holiday Lighting is Western New York's holiday lighting specialist since 2009.
We provide professional lighting displays using commercial grade equipment only available to those within the lighting industry.

And the best part is...


Get ready for the Holiday Season without the  fuss. We can custom design any display for you. We will design, install  and remove your lighting display around your budget and schedule.

  • Most ONE story residential rental lighting installations range between $300-$500
  • Most TWO story residential rental lighting installations range between $500-$700
  • Most ONE story residential customer owned lighting installations (hourly rate) range between $150-$275
  • Most TWO story residential customer owned lighting installations (hourly rate) range between $250-$375

Rental installation  includes timers, extension cords, maintenance throughout the season,  and removal at the end of the season. Depending on your lighting desires  prices will vary.

Customer owned lighting installation includes clips, tape, and fasteners (does not include timers or extension cords). See the page for rental options.

Stay  safe this winter and let us deal with the harsh weather of Buffalo and  WNY. Don't risk a fall from a slippery roof, or ladder. Stay warm and  cozy and let us do it all.  All lighting installation staff are  specially trained for all weather conditions.

Holiday Lighting Services we offer:
  • Design of lighting display
  • Lighting installation
  • Maintenance and Guarantee throughout season  
  • Removal at end of holiday season
  • Other holiday outdoor decorating upon request
Rental Lighting offered:
  • Incandescent or LED, Icicle Lights (roof lines)
    • LED Cool White
    • LED Warm White
    • Incandescent White
  • Incandescent C7 or C9 Lights (roof lines)
    • White
    • Multi-colored
    • Custom colored
  • LED, C7 or C9 Lights (roof lines)
    • Cool White
    • Warm White
    • Multi-colored
    • Custom colored
    • Pure White (special ordered)
  • Incandescent or LED, Mini Lights-based on height of trees and bushes
    • Cool White LED
    • Warm White LED
    • Incandescent White
    • Multi-colored LED
    • Multi-colored Incandescent
  • Spot/ Flood lighting with base

Customer Owned Lighting:

  • Roof line displays, Trees and Shrubbery Cost includes installation accessories such as clips, hanger, and tape.  
If you have your own lighting you would like to use we will gladly install and remove your lighting.

However, we can not guarantee the operation of customer owned lighting, due to not knowing age and quality of the previously used Christmas Lights.   

Other Services We Offer:
Outdoor decorations- We can install outdoor decor to spice up your display.
    • Rental Wreaths with Felt Bows (lighted or spot lighted)
      • 24in, 30in, 36in, 48in, 60in, or 72in (will need to be special ordered)
      • Rental Garland
      • Customer owned wreaths Installed
      • Customer owned Garland
      • Customer owned Lawn Ornaments (rental lawn ornaments are special order only)
      • Customer owned lights we have extension cords and timers available for rental

    Seasonal Rentals include - extension cords, timers, roof clips, and anything else needed for the perfect display

    S&K Holiday Lighting Trusted and Insured
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